Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does double wide mean?
A: A double wide is a mobile home made up of two units connected on site.

Q: What should I know before building a home?
A: Before embarking on building a home, it is important to have your credit and finances in order. Before building can begin, you will have to put down a deposit and if you are looking for loans, custom homes are considered risky so your credit will need to be good. Next, be prepared for a wait-custom homes are not built overnight and can take up to six months depending on many factors.

Q: Are custom homes more expensive?
A: Not necessarily. The average cost to build a new house is about $150 per square foot. This means if you're building a 2000 square foot home it can end up costing $300,000. Many homes can be purchased for this price so why not spend that money on a home tailored to your every need?

Q: How do I estimate home remodeling costs?
A: Based on averages, most homeowners spend between $17,000-$61,000 to remodel multiple rooms. But every project is unique. Speak to your builder to get a better idea, or use an online remodeling calculator!

Q: What is the difference between a contractor and subcontractor?
A: A contractor manages the build team. They use their knowledge of the industry to choose the right people and schedule them appropriately to get the job done. Subcontractors are specialized workers such as brick layers who partake in one aspect of building a house.

Q: Why should I hire a contractor?
A: Unless you yourself are a contractor, it is important to delegate this job to someone with the knowledge required to get the job done properly. While you can oversee the building of your home, it is not recommended as issues you could not possibly plan for are likely to crop up at any moment throughout the process. Contractors are able to catch mistakes before they happen or fix them quickly when they do!