Frequently Asked questions

How long does it take to build a house?

The duration of house construction typically spans from 6 months to 1 year, contingent upon several variables. Factors such as the project’s scale, land condition, permit processing, procurement of specialized materials, and any change orders requested by the client all influence the timeline. It’s important to note that an exact project timeline cannot be established until all engineering work and plans have been thoroughly finalized, officially sealed, and approved.

Does a rise in price of materials affect final price? 

The foundational cost of materials is determined and incorporated into the contract. While certain material items may be designated as allowances, these will be invoiced to the customer at prevailing market rates. Additionally, any materials necessitated by change orders will also be billed to the customer at prevailing market rates.

Does a new home come with any sort of warranty?

Yes, every new home sold in New Jersey comes with a warranty by law. Please refer to the NJ Department of Community Affairs web page to review warranty details in the NJ Departments of Community affairs.  Information on warranties on new homes in other states can be discussed as needed.

Is a modular build significantly cheaper than a stick-built home? 

No. However, the modular process requires for more upfront planning resulting in less change orders and upgrades (change orders) usually resulting in a shorter start to finish project build time-line.

If I get financing through a bank, will construction continue beyond level of financing received from bank? 

No, not without signed changes orders and payment of changes orders before work is started. In order to accommodate the potential for customer changes orders post contact, a reserve account as proof of funds may be required in the contract. In addition to change orders generating additional charges, change orders result in increases to the build project timeline.

What are some standard options for finishes? 

Examples of customer selections for a customer build home are siding type and color, roofing shingle grade and color, flooring (carpet, hardwood and or tile), plumbing fixtures (style, grade, color), electrical fixtures (style, grade, color), Kitchen / vanity cabinetry and tops