Custom Home Builder

Custom Home Builder serving the Skillman, Princeton and Montgomery, NJ areas

There’s plenty of beautiful landscapes across the Princeton and Montgomery, NJ area, we well as some scenic spots in Solebury and New Hope, PA. If you’re looking to build your dream home from the ground up, you’ll want to seek out a custom home builder, and when you begin your search for a reliable builder, you may find us at Meisenbacher Homes! Our team is here to help you envision your custom home and build it!

Choosing Your Build

After you’ve acquired the land, and you’re ready to break ground, you’ll want to find the right builder to help you throughout the process. You’ll want to select your vision from either our preset homes like the Washington, Addams, or Jefferson, or you can work with an architect to customize your vision and bring it to life. The plans you set will be specific to the site you purchased, so our team can encompass the corresponding landscape and begin building you a home that you can be proud of!

How We Work

Once you’ve sought out a “custom home builder near me,” and you’ve chosen us, we’ll work with you every step of the way. We’ll handle all the necessary paperwork and permits to make sure that your build is official and up to code. We’ll start with the foundation and even help with the sewage and water installation if the plot requires it. Our builders are skilled and experienced, an encompassing classic home-building styles that are designed to last, so you can rest easy knowing that you have a quality home that you’ll be eager to show off during the holidays!

Getting Started on Your Next Home

You’ll want to begin the process by finding the tract of land that you want, whether it’s raw or improved (already equipped with sewage, water, and phone line). We’ll then inspect the site and work with you to determine which preset home, or a custom designed home, that you want for the site. We’ll work to make sure that your home is one you can be proud of, and an investment for you and your family.

Finding A Custom Home Builder Near Me

Now that you’re more familiar with the process and how it works, you’re ready to get started on building your custom home in Princeton or Montgomery, New Jersey, or somewhere in between Solebury and New Hope, Pennsylvania! Contact us at Meisenbacher Homes to get started, or simply follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see our latest projects.