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Skillman Home Builder, Custom Home Builder and Home Remodeling Contractor

Located in Montgomery New Jersey, Licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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Home Builder in Princeton

Since 1999, Meisenbacher Homes has created breathtaking and authentic traditional homes and custom homes. We have excelled in the field of home building, combining the old and new, marrying vintage with modern to produce evolved living spaces. We are known for using traditional craftsmanship and materials, along with the latest innovations in energy efficiency and sustainability.

From the first consultation to the excitement of completion, you will be amazed by our workmanship and the range of options we provide.

Call us today at (609) 466-3332 to schedule a home building consultation.


Exceptional Home Building Services and Construction Expertise

At Meisenbacher Homes, we understand that building a house and creating a home are two different things. Your dream home isn’t the sum of its materials, but it is a place that will represent the unity of family and life.

The secret to our home building success lies in our discerning taste in building materials and patient, methodical workmanship. We don’t take the cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we believe in blending pieces and items while balancing design trends to make your home unique and special.

Every detail in your custom home will reflect your style and personality. You can trust us to build architecturally exciting spaces.  

Custom Home Design with Endless Options

During the initial design consultation, we’ll get a sense of both your needs and desires for your dream home. Together we will go through our catalog of colors, design schemes, architect, furniture, layouts and textures, and more. You could also choose to work alongside one of our designers to create a custom home design that reflects your way of living.

Skillful Home Construction Using Top-Quality Materials

Both the interior and exterior of your home will be built efficiently with unmatched precision and care. Not even the smallest detail or appointment will escape our notice.

As full-service home constructors, we will complete:

  • Foundation
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Wiring
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Landscaping
  • And more

You’ll have the opportunity to tour the site on multiple occasions, providing feedback throughout the process.

Our highly energy-efficient homes are built for quality and durability. Allow us to make you the home of a lifetime.

Home Builders with Two Decades of Experience

Meisenbacher Homes was founded in 1999 with the intention to create and design the most outstanding custom homes without compromise. We combine traditional tailored craftsmanship with state-of-the-art systems and solutions for the ultimate build.

We are skilled builders and imaginative designers, familiar with the latest technology and amenities in the home building field. We look forward to meeting with you and realizing your dream.

Bringing Dream Homes to Life

Meisenbacher Homes is the home builder you’ve been looking for. Our understanding of the building process, customization and design options, and years of industry experience result in a home that fulfills all your aesthetic and practical ideals.

To discuss your dream home project in detail, contact us at (609) 466-3332.