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Skillman Remodeling Company, Home Remodeling Contractor and Custom Home Builder

Located in Montgomery New Jersey, Licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Meisenbacher Homes Remodeling Company, Home Remodeling Contractor and Custom Home Builder
Meisenbacher Homes Remodeling Company, Home Remodeling Contractor and Custom Home Builder
Meisenbacher Homes Remodeling Company, Home Remodeling Contractor and Custom Home Builder
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Custom Home Builder in Princeton

Meisenbacher Homes is the custom home contractor of choice in Princeton. Our deep-seated passion as a company is to rethink the design-build process with your best interests at heart every step of the way. Our clients appreciate our impeccable communication skills, attention to detail, and our respect for budgets and timelines.

Book a no-obligation consultation with one of our professionals to discuss your dream home. Get in touch with us at (609) 466-3332.

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Full-Service Custom House Construction

We are proud to be a team of professional home builders that go above and beyond for our clients. We are well-versed in a wide range of construction services, so we can be trusted to oversee your entire building project from start to finish. Our goal is to be the only resource you need to make your dream home a reality. Some of the ways we are qualified to help with your new construction project include:

  • Foundation
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Wiring
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Landscaping
  • And more

We are continually improving the ways in which we serve you. When you choose us for custom home designs and construction, you can rest assured that you have a skilled team of dedicated contractors on your side. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your home building project.

Dedicated Home Building Contractors

From the moment you contact us, it will be clear that we are a cut above the rest. We pride ourselves on our first-rate customer service and commitment to constructing the best custom homes in the area. All our contractors are highly trained and easy to work with.

We aim to make the entire process—from the planning to the finished construction—a hassle-free experience. While we are constructing your custom home, we make sure to keep you updated throughout the entire process. You will never have to leave anything to guesswork because we make sure to be completely transparent when any unforeseen issues come up.

Licensed and Qualified Custom House Builders

Another way that we give you valuable peace of mind during the construction process is by being completely certified to service your property. You can breathe easy knowing that we are fully licensed and have all the training necessary to build you a beautiful new home. Not only that, when we are finished constructing your new house, you can be certain that it is entirely up to code. From the foundation to the wiring, we will make sure that your custom home is completely safe and passes all inspections.

Swift Turnarounds on Custom Built Homes

Not only do we provide some of the most sought-after custom homes in the area, but we also complete all our jobs in a respectable time frame. Our extensive industry experience allows us to give you realistic estimates on your turnaround time, and our diligent work makes sure we always stay within it. This also ensures that we stay within your budget and allows you to start enjoying your new property as soon as possible. You can count on us for a cost-effective custom home building project.

Top-Notch Custom Home Contractors

When you trust us to oversee your custom house building project, you get the benefit of having a seasoned team of dedicated contractors working for you. Over our years in business, we have honed our craftsmanship and perfected our workflow. This means that you can relax knowing you have a well-established and reputable team working on your home.

Initial Consultations with a General Contractor

We invite you to discover the reason why Meisenbacher Homes is trusted and recommended by so many homeowners in the Princeton area—book a consultation with one of our experts’ obligation-free. We’d love to sit down with you at a time that’s convenient for you and discuss the prospects of your new home.

Bring us your brainstorming ideas, and we’ll tell you how our collaborative team of designers and contractors can turn your vision into a reality. We’ll give you our professional, unbiased advice on what you can expect during your project, should you choose to hire us for the job. We’ll help you weigh and consider all factors realistically and straightforwardly, gladly sharing with you our industry expertise and experience.

At the end of your consultation, you can expect to have a firm grasp on our working practices as a company and have a project cost estimate, too—100% obligation-free.

Creating Your Custom Home Blueprint

With us, every square foot of your custom home will be carefully designed according to your precise specifications. We spare no detail and no effort in the design phase of our work—we know that a perfect home begins with a perfect blueprint.

You can expect our designers and architects to work closely with you at this stage. We’ll listen carefully to all your ideas, desires, and lifestyle needs so that we can thoughtfully incorporate them into practical elements of your new build. At this point, we’ll also be able to turn your cost estimate into a precise figure. This process will take as long as it needs to—we won’t move forward until every detail of your blueprint gets your wholehearted stamp of approval.

During the design phase, you’ll appreciate our state-of-the-art computer software that allows us to develop 3D renderings of your future home. Take a virtual tour through every room and gain a realistic perspective of what the finished product will look like.

Here, we embrace technology.

Starting Your Custom Home Construction

Our upfront, candid communication and meticulous organization don’t stop at the design table. Once we have a final blueprint, we transition seamlessly from pen and paper to the real thing: constructing your home from the ground up. You can count on our general contractors to procure all building permits and ensure every aspect of your new home is up to code.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you up to date on the ins and outs of our progress as we go. We cross-reference all material deliveries and contracting schedules to ensure that we get maximum output. We streamline our labor practices to be as efficient as possible so that ultimately, we deliver your new home on time and within budget.

Your Custom Home Building Team

Quality workmanship is our top priority. Our hand-picked and fully certified construction crew has worked with us for years and has proven time and again to exceed expectations. From framing to finishing, we take the time to make sure that our work is built to stand the test of time.

Throughout the course of your build, we continue to foster open communication between our designers, suppliers, managers, and construction team. This open communication allows us to be more agile and flexible. We are able to make better, more informed decisions without having to make our crews wait around.

Ultimately, that means we are able to stick to our build schedule and deliver higher quality homes for our clients.

The Region’s Best Custom Home Building Subcontractors

Although our construction crews are able to handle the majority of the work required to build a home, some tasks require the help of specialists. In those cases, we will bring in subcontractors whose past work has proven to meet our quality standards. We only work the best of the best.

In fact, we typically hire the same subcontractors for each job. Although independent, they are practically part of our team. Our subcontractors are friends and business partners. We work hard to build custom homes that we can be proud of and that you are going to love.

Call us today to get a quote on a custom home project.

Luxury Custom Home Builds

We offer our clients the ability to work with our architectural team to design a home from scratch, or to customize one of our existing designs to meet their specifications. Choose one of our many custom homes, including:

  • The Adams
  • The Adams II
  • The Jefferson
  • The Washington
  • The Washington II

For more information about each of these homes, please see the Our Homes page by clicking here. There you’ll find artist renderings, blueprints, and specifications for each of our pre-designed custom homes. You’ll also be able to get a taste of our newest design, The Princeton—a classic two-story farmhouse design with a wrap-around porch.

Fully customizable and tailored to the needs of you and your loved ones, there is something for everyone at Meisenbacher Homes. Call us now!

View Samples from Our Portfolio of Custom Home Builds

If you’re anything like us, you need to see a clear example of previous work before you sign a contract. That’s why we’ve compiled a selection of work for you to see right here on our site. Simply head over to the Custom Homes page by clicking here.

Explore a selection of country homes, designed to transform functional features into objects of beauty. With huge windows to take in the natural surroundings and a large 3 or 4 car garage, you’ll be able to picture yourself right in it!

Our custom home builds are known throughout the region for the quality and durability of their construction. When you contact us, we can take you around to visit examples of our builds in person. Call us now to start the process!

Green Home Construction

Another thing that sets us apart from the competition is our long-term outlook. When we build a home, we don’t just have your here-and-now satisfaction in mind. We consider the future operational costs and energy consumption of the building, too. We want to know that your forever home will live up to its name and deliver satisfactory performance year after year.

To that end, we love green technology and sustainable construction. We strive to implement energy-efficient products and systems into every room in your new home. That way, you’ll save on utilities, and you might even qualify for tax rebates. Plus, you can feel good about doing your part to protect our precious planet.

To learn more about how you can turn your blueprint green, reach out to our staff.

Safety-First Home Builders

When it comes to the daily business of construction, no one prioritizes safety as we do. We’re committed to an incident- and injury-free workplace, and we put the proper labor protocols in place to ensure it.

All our employees are certified and insured by a robust coverage plan. We guarantee that our work is permitted and compliant with all local building codes, and we have the documentation to prove it.

On-Time Residential Construction

When we put together our construction timeline, it’s not a rough outline or a string of guesses and estimates. Our construction timelines are measured action plans that we intend to follow to the letter. We honor our time commitments, plain and simple.

How do we do it? We do what any organized, proactive contractor would do. We engage in meticulous planning. We predict future issues. We resourcefully solve problems. We maintain superior communication with all parties. We do our job as we said we would from the start.

When you partner with us, you can count on timely project completion, as promised.

A Collaborative Home-Building Experience

We aim to facilitate a rewarding experience for our clients. We believe that building a home from the ground up is a milestone in one’s life that deserves to be celebrated as such. That’s why we go to great lengths to foster a collaborative spirit within our office walls. Here, we welcome the client to participate as much in the building process as they wish. It’s your home, after all. You should be able to proudly put your signature on every aspect of it.

By the way, it’s not only the client we collaborate with. Collaboration is a company value that extends to all areas of our professional work. We genuinely hold to the principle that we’re stronger together. It’s not a theory. Rather, with us, collaboration is an every-day action that will characterize your home-building experience.

Your Custom Home Awaits You

Are you ready to embark upon the rewarding and exciting journey of building a custom home? The skilled and personable staff at Meisenbacher Homes are ready to serve you. Contact us today to get started.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation!